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     Per Reel

  2.4MM       3/32”

            11 Metres

  3.2MM       1/8”

            11 Metres

  4.8MM       3/16”

            10 Metres

  6.4MM        ¼”

              9 Metres

  9.5MM       3/8”

              7 Metres

12.7MM       ½”

              6 Metres

19.0MM        ¾”

              5 Metres

25.4MM         1”

           3.5 Metres


Heat Shrink Polyolefin sleeving with a 2:1 shrink ratio supplied on small boxed reels, for convenient storage and ease of use.

Ideal for the workshop or garage. Just pull out the required amount and cut.

No more waste or tangled tubing cluttering up the workshop.

Available in the following colours and sizes, all at one price !

Just State the size and colour / s when ordering.

STANDARD COLOURS:   Black, Clear, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Green, Brown.

Shrink Ratio 2:1.

Operating temperature -75 to 135 Deg c.

A specially formulated tubing which is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications

including insulation, marking, bundling of wires, colour coding, wire strain relief and mechanical protection.

heat shrink tubing